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K3-Tent software for tensile membrane structures design
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K3-Tent is a software suite for designing tent structures. The software helps speed up the compilation of design documentation and improve the quality of manufacturing order preparation for any tent structure form. The K3-Tent suite provides highly visual and effective tools for designers to work with surfaces of any complexity. In addition, K3-Tent significantly reduces the time required for finding the form of the envelope, visualizing the final structure, making a cutting line, and unfolding pieces.

How to download K3-Tent Software

Using this version you can create any tensile fabric structure, save the project, get and print all design documents as you need.

  • Download the Trial K3-Tent SYSTEM INSTALLATION PACKAGE from this page

  • Install the program on your computer

  • Make sure that internet connection is present.

  • Run application.

  • Further you can use K3-Tent software in full mode.