K3-Tent CAD/CAM. Tent structures design

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K3-Tent Software

K3-Tent is a software suite intended for designing tent structures. The software helps speed up the compilation of design documentation and improve the quality of manufacturing order preparation for any tent structure shape. The K3-Tent suite provides highly visual and effective tools for designers to work with surfaces of any complexity. In addition, K3-Tent significantly reduces the time required for finding the shape of the envelope, visualizing the final structure, marking a cutting line, and unfolding pieces. The K3-Tent suite is a further development of the FABRIC CAD System.

What К3-Tent software provides

Significantly speeds up the development of new designs and the issue of design and process documentation

Reduces the costs of developing design and process documentation

Increases the skills of employees and their readiness for future innovations

Improves operational efficiency through teamwork using a shared information environment

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K3-Tent Full Production

Allows building 3D models of tensile structures. Includes the production module for Cutting the surface and Final Automated Production Pattering.

K3-Tent Form Finding basic

Allows building 3D models of tensile structures, surface cutting and pattering options not included.