Tensile Structures Design Software

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K3-Tent software for tensile membrane structures design
K3-Tent Software Operating Principle

The K3-Tent Suite provides the ability to draw up architecture, construction, and manufacturing documents required to make tent structures of any complexity. K3-Tent software simulates the shape of a "soap film" surface for a specific frame. K3-Tent software simulates a soap film surface shape for a specific frame when retrieving it from the soap solution. The frame may be composed of rigid or stretchable (rubber) ribs.

  • The designer creates a frame consisting of straight sections and arcs.
  • The designer sets the frame rib boundary conditions (loose, hold fixed, fixed length, etc.).
  • The designer specifies if a facet should or should not be used in creating a surface.
  • The software automatically calculates the shape of the envelope.
  • The designer checks the correctness of the shape by using an isoline plotting tool and a heat normal map.
  • The designer marks cutting lines on the envelope.
  • The software automatically cuts the envelope into pieces and unfolds the pieces.
  • The software can be used to export unfolded pieces to .dxf format.
Designing tent structures with the K3-Tent Software consists of three stages
System requirements

Recommended system requirements:

  • Processor 3-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo;

  • Computer memory 2 GB;

  • Graphics card NVIDIA Geforce 8600 with 512 Mb memory or more;

  • Monitor diagonal 20" and more. Screen resolution 1600х1200;

  • CD ROM, two-button mouse with a scrolling wheel;

  • Free 300 Mb of hard disk space;

  • Supported operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor 800 MHz Intel Pentium III;

  • Computer memory 128 Mb;

  • Graphics adapter SVGA with 64 Mb of memory;;

  • CD-ROM;

  • Free 300 Mb of hard disk space;

  • Standard mouse;

  • Supported operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10

Step by step instruction

The design process with K3-Tent system can be conventionally subdivided into 6 steps:


Creation of the Frame object on the basis of set of spatial straight lines and circle arcs which defines links and tent constrains.


Definition of boundary conditions for the Frame edges and nodes.


Creation the surface of the tent by the system automatically.


Tracing cutting lines on the surface of cloth. The system cuts the tent surface to patches automatically.


Development patches pattern by the system automatically.


Fabric patterning, cutting, welding and tent surface assemblage.

Components of the K3-Tent Software Suite

The K3-Tent software suite has a modular structure enabling the individual compilation of each work place depending on its purpose. The K3-Tent software suite includes the following components: